A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for EYA Game Jam Graz.

Being a famous mafia boss is hard these days. Pirates and cowboys want the demise of your family. In a fight between both parties, the cowboys kidnapped your family and the pirates kidnapped you. You get the chance to escape from the pirate ship and rescue your beloved! Unfortunately, the sea is full of creatures like piranhas, sharks and sirens who want their own piece of you. Make your way through the sea in this “top-down” scribbling adventure which might remind you of an old arcade game with a little frog and brings a bit of nostalgia directly to you.

Install instructions

Arrow Keys / WASD to move
Space/Return to submit
Backspace to return to title
h to show highscore

(XBOX 360 controller)
Left Joystick to move
Start Button to submit
Y Button to return to title
Back Button to show highscore


Quagger-win.zip 18 MB
Quagger-lin.zip 23 MB
Quagger-mac.app.zip 21 MB

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